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We have a very enthusiastic group of residents who are committed to keeping the Village Hall as a lively and viable amenity for us all. 

The Committee members are:


Emma Daynes Chair

Dorothy Scott  -  Secretary

Gavin Watson   Vice-Chair

Michael Scott - Treasurer

Colin Byrch, John Hurn, Marion Hurn, Gill Coker, Malcolm Coker,
Sue Byrch, Barbara Stevenson

Please let us know what events you would like to see at the Village Hall or on this website by phoning 01692 538494

Friends of the Village Hall


We hope to continue the good work of our predecessors and the success of previous events has relied heavily on a lot of support from the  Friends of the Village Hall

The Friends offer time and energy whenever they feel able without the need to attend regular meetings and commit full-time to the planning of events and the day to day running of the hall. If you feel you would like to be a member of this invaluable group of stalwarts please phone 01692 538494

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