Zoom Meeting held Monday 14th December 2020.




Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting,

Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: I. Stevenson, Cllr: A. Morton, Cllr: G. Berry and Parish Clerk

Mrs. D. Fields.

1.  Apologies

Apologies were received from County Councillor John Timewell and District Councillor Saul Penfold.

2.  Minutes from meeting dated Tuesday 8th September 2020 were signed

(by the Clerk), and accepted as true and accurate record of proceedings.

3.  Matters Arising

a)  Up-date on Village Sign

The Chairman has erected the sign in front of the village hall, which had been agreed by The Village Hall Committee.  In the Spring a concrete pad round the bottom of the sign and a plinth will be put in place. 

The Sign has been posted on Skeyton’s chat face book page.


b) Up-date on Defibrillator

Vice-Chairman Councillor J Hughes updated the committee on progress on the Defibrillator Project.  He had obtained quotes from a number of suppliers and these ranged from £1725-£1900 inc VAT (£1437 - £1585 exc VAT).  Cllr: Hughes had sought advice as to the type of unit that was most suitable and it was felt that

the fully automated devices with LCD screens that gave visual instructions would be best.  There was a proposal from the Community Heartbeat Trust, which is a registered charity, to supply the equipment at a price equivalent to exc VAT for a donation to the charity of the same amount.  This could be a fully managed service, which would help to smooth out running costs over the life of the unit, at approximately £150 per year.  Installation and training services were also available.

In terms of funding the British Heart Foundation has currently suspended grants indefinitely due to Covid-19.  However, funding for small community projects is available from the NNDC Sustainable Communities Fund for up to £1000. Cllr: Hughes had discussed a possible application with an officer from the District Council and found that the project did meet the required criteria.  This would mean that the Parish Council would need to find approximately £600 from the budget as an initial one-off cost and then £150 per annum to pay for the upkeep.  The Village Hall committee would need to give their permission to mount the device and for a supply of electricity to be made available for the unit.  Cllr: Hughes then discussed the rationale behind the application to NNDC Sustainable Communities Fund and the proposal to apply for a grant was supported by the Council, proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr: Stevenson.

Thanks to Cllr: Hughes for all his hard work on this.

c) Up-dating Skeyton’s Emergency Plan

Clerk to u-date above as this has not been done since 2017.

4. Correspondence

a) A survey has been received from Anglian (Eastern) Regional Flood and Coastal Committee asking the Parish Council if they are aware of any Flooding issues in Skeyton.  The only flooding likely in Skeyton is excess

water from the fields.  Clerk to complete survey and return.

b) Vattenfall up-date see –

c) Census day is March 21st 2021, Clerk has registered Skeyton.

d) Norfolk ALC has become a Co-operative and is asking for a representative from Town and Parish Councils to join them.  Cllr: I. Stevenson has agreed to be Skeyton’s.  Clerk has informed NALC.  It was agreed by the Council that Cllr: Stevenson would be paid mileage for meetings attended ie £18.00


5. Planning

 Autumn Newsletter 2020 has been received go to

 to read latest planning policies.

 PF/20/2017 Primrose Farm, Parish Council had no objections to these plans.

 PU/20/2117 Barn at Willow Farm, Parish Council had no objections to these

6. Finance

a) Bank Statement stands at £1,717. 06

b) Second Half of Precept for 2020-21 has been received £550.00

c) Precept for 2021-22 to remain the same £1,100.00 (this was proposed by Cllr: Hughes and seconded by Cllr: I. Stevenson)

d)  NALC Pay award for the Parish Clerk of 25p per hour was accepted.

e) Bottle Bank.  So far this year the Bottle Bank has cost the Counci £47.88.  £94.16 has been re-claimed from NCC + £93.26 which has  just been received.  Making an overall profit of £139.54.

 f) Cheques to be signed later –, Skeyton Churchyard and Skeyton Village Hall.

 g) Clerk’s Wages + Tax were approved

7.  Highways

 a) A reply from Justin le-May regarding the road from Black Horse Crossroads  to Beech Farm has been received.  The reply states that the last surface dressed in 2012 under site No E/144B.  Referring to the current list of local North 2 surfacing sites it will be submitted for 2021/22.  Clerk to write again asking if a structural survey of the foundations of this banked stretch of highway could be carried out.  We believe that, apart from periodic attention to the surface, no structural work has been carried out for decades.  You will notice if you drive along this road that serious undulations have developed that could lead to dangerous situations and possibly accidents.  Then road is a bus route and is frequently used by heavy lorries.


b) Highways Inspection visit scheduled for w/c 21st December 2020. It was reported by one of the Councillor’s excess water was laying on Long Road, Skeyton, outside Skeyton Lodge.  The water was so deep Vehicles coming round this corner were trying to avoid the water and approaching the corner in the middle of the road.  Urgent attention needed. Clerk to report.


Any Other Business


a) District Councillor Saul Penfold was unable to attend, his report is attached.

b) A report from Norfolk County Councillor John Timewell has been received.

c) Councillor Timewell has been advised not to attend Council Meetings as he is still at risk following his recent illness.  However, he is still working and says “It is full heads down at County, all working toward setting budgets”.

He has left the Liberal Democrats and has joined the Conservative Party, which he says has made things easier for him.

d) An e-mail had been received concerning the closure of Holt Hall.  Parish Clerk replied to this e-mail as correspondence had to be received by 7th December 2020. The Clerk has expressed concerns about closing such a beneficial training centre and repreted lots of happy memories there as a Youth Worker.

Please note the Clerk has not booked any dates for 2021 meetings at the Village Hall yet, as we wait to see what happens.  There is usually a meeting at the end of January/beginning of February, but Zoom will be used if need be.





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