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Zoom Meeting held on Monday 8th February 2021 7.30.p.m.


Present: Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting,

Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: I. Stevenson, Cllr: A. Morton, Cllr: G. Berry, District

Councillor S. Penfold, County Councillor J. Timewell and Parish Clerk Mrs. D.


1.  Apologies

          There were no apologies

2.  Minutes from meeting dated Monday 14th December 2020 were

          Signed (by the Clerk) and accepted as true and accurate record of


3.  Matters Arising

      a. Up-date on Defibrillator

Funding from North Norfolk Sustainable Communities Fund to help   pay for Skeyton’s defibrillator has been put in place.  After a slight admin error and thanks to the Reverend Keith Dally for his recommendation it looks as if Skeyton Parish Council will be receiving £995.00 to help with this cost.

      b. Donation given for Skeyton’s new sign. 

£100.00 has been given to the Parish Council by the Village Hall for the sign with a promise of £200.00 more.  Clerk has written to the Village Hall Committee to thank them for the first donation.

      c. Skeyton’s Telephone Box

A parishioner of Skeyton has made enquiries about the Parish Council purchasing the telephone box and he would in turn be happy to help with the refurbishment of this.  The Clerk has also made enquires about this being done.  If you go on the website  a basic refurbished box costs around £2,750.  The website is the authorised supplier of paint, glass and anything else you can think of for a red telephone box and using them is part of the agreement Skeyton would sign if they took it on.  The electricity is paid for by BT but the catch is that if the electrical equipment within the box goes wrong, the council would have to pay the repair costs.  There is also the cost of insuring the box which would have to be factored in.

It was decided within the Council that the parishioner would be asked his intentions for the telephone box.

      d. Activities at the Goat Public House

An email was sent to the Planning Department at NNDC regarding

         i) Caravans and semi - permanent motorhomes being occupied on the site, contravening the planning policy and the Coronavirus Act 2020 restricting movement and general health and safety.

         ii) There are several permanent dwellings on the site which probably do not have full planning permission or have restrictions; contravening the North Norfolk planning policy.

         iii) There appears to be a cesspool area at the far end of the camping field adjoining a farmer’s field.  It has been noticed that sewage has been pumped out into the hedgerow as there was toilet tissue stuck to the hedgerow, during the summer months it caused quite a smell.  This might suggest that sewage is illegally being stored contravening legalisation overseen by the Environment Agency.

This issue would post a health hazard, the sewage should be removed by a registered waste carrier and disposed in the correct manner if the Goats sewage system cannot cope with the amount of waste created by the pub and the camping operations.

The above e-mail was sent on the 23rd January 2021 and a reply from Michelle Hewett was received on 27th stating that her colleagues from the Combined Enforcement Team are looking into this and will be in touch in due course.

District Councillor S. Penfold suggested he spoke to the Enforcement Team on our behalf and this was agreed.


4.   Norwich Western Link

 Correspondence has been regarding the update on the above.

 This e-mail has been forwarded to the Councillor’s.  Please see


5.    a)    PF/20/2017  Primrose Farm – Approved by NNDC

       b)    PU?20/2117 Willow Farm – Approved by NNDC

       c)     PF/20/2505 Tanglewood – awaiting approval

       d)    LA/21/0046 Gable End Cott: - Approved by SPC awaiting approval by NNDC

6.   Finance

       a)    Bank Statement stands at £1,567. 64

       b)    Bottle Bank, No invoices received since October 2020, clerk to investigate.

       c)    VAT claim for £82.78 posted online.

       d)    Clerk’s Wages and Tax approved.  Cheque to be issued at a later date.

7.   Highways

      a)   On going problem on Long Road, Skeyton.  Clerk reported on 18th    December 2020 that the road outside Skeyton Lodge was flooded, with water laying two thirds over the road and traffic coming round the bend were approaching the road in the middle of the road to avoid the flooding.  Clerk reported this problem again on 23rd December 2020 as no reply had been received.  Previously Highways had informed the Council that any problems received before the 21st December would be looked into.  A reply eventually came through on 27th January, saying that before they could investigate further, they had to ascertain that there were no

Utility assets in place and who owned the land.

District Councillor John Timewell said he would try and help with this problem and the road that runs from Beech Farm to the Black Horse Crossroads.


8.    Any other business

A report by District Councillor Saul Penfold said 70 – 80% of over seventies have had their Covid vaccine. 144 Covid cases per 100,000 in North Norfolk, the only District in Norfolk under 200 as at 4th February 2021. Rossi’s, fitness and leisure centre are being used to administer Covid Vaccines, so far two thousand have been given for the over seventies.  North Walsham Community Centre should have opened on the 8th February to also administer vaccines, but due to the snow it was closed.  The Council at North Walsham have agreed to wavier the car parking charges and the Post Office vans were to be parked elsewhere. North Norfolk District Council setting budgets.

A report by County Councillor John Timewell.

Ongoing problem with the road which runs from Beech Farm to the Black Horse Crossroads.  Various emails have been sent to Highways regarding the above.  Councillor Timewell not happy with the state of the road, surface last dressed 2012.  Because of the lumps and bumps in the road he felt it should be treated like the roads in the Fens.  Work plan for 2021/22 Common Road to Swanton Abbott Road should be re-dressed as well.  Cllr: Timewell to push for the road from Beech Farm to the Black Horse Crossroads to make the road driveable, not like driving on an ordinary road but like driving on an embankment, sometimes with water in ditches either side.  Highways have a duty of care.  It was pointed out by the Chairman that no serious work had been carried out on this stretch of road since late eighties or early nineties.


Census to be carried out on March 21st 2021, digital this time.

Cllr: Stevenson queried the state of the grit in the grit bins. It looked like soil but this was because it had settled and  the salt should be usable underneath the top layer.

Cllr: Randell unofficially went out to clear snow in his plough.

The Chairman thanked Cllr: Hughes for setting up the Zoom Meeting.  He also thanked all the Councillors for attending.

The meeting closed at 8.40.p.m.

The next meeting would be in May, to check the accounts, either in the Village Hall or Zoom.

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