Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Tuesday 4th February 2020, 7.30 p.m. 


Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman Cllr: J. Hughes, Cllr :S. Bunting, Cllr: H. Randell, Cllr: I. Stevenson, District Councillor S. Penfold, County Councillor J. Timewell and Parish Clerk Diane Fields. 



Apologies were received from Cllr: A. Morton. 


1.  Minutes from previous Meeting 

Minutes from the Meeting held on Tuesday 3rd December 2019 were signed 

and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings. 

2.  Matters Arising 

Up-date on Village Sign.  The Chairman thought that the new sign should have 

2020 displayed on it and the designer Brendon Rallison came up with four 

different ways this could be shown and between the Councillor’s one design 

was chosen.  The new sign will be ready towards the end part of March 2020. 

The Old Sign has been collected by Kate Cox (a member of the Village Hall 

Committee) and will be cleaned up and placed in the new extension of the 

Village Hall.   

3.  Correspondence 

An e-mail has been received from The British Heart Foundation re: funding towards a defibrillator for Skeyton.  It had been decided earlier that this would be looked into once the New Village Sign had been paid for.  BHF would part fund towards a defibrillator if our application was successful.  A contribution of £600 

would be needed plus the cost of a cabinet for it to be housed in.  Clerk to make further enquiries and report back at the May meeting. 


A letter has been received from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital asking 

the Council to display a poster calling for volunteers to help with the “Settle in Service”.  This service is asking people to go into patient’s homes that are just 

home from hospital and help with every day tasks.  No regular commitment is required.  Volunteers will receive referrals on an ad-hoc basis for patients who live as close to the volunteer as they are willing to travel.  Clerk to ask the Village News to advertise same. 


A very kind “Thank-you” letter has been received from The Poppy Appeal. 

Skeyton Parish Council donated £25.00 towards this. 


An e-mail from Cromer Community and Hospital Friends has been received, 

announcing the launch of their 2020 Cancer Unit Appeal and also to announce that in March 2021 will mark the opening of the new North Norfolk Macmillan Centre at Cromer Hospital.  Patients residing in the towns and villages across North Norfolk will then be able to avoid the numerous lengthy journeys to the NNUH, often while feeling unwell.  Also approximately forty-five new staff colleagues will be employed. 


Cromer Community and Hospital Friends need to raise £350,000 to purchase equipment and furniture for the new North Norfolk Macmillian Centre at Cromer Hospital.  To donate Visit

A poster for above will be displayed on Skeyton's Notice Board.


4.  Planning 

 PF/19/1924 Beech Farm.  Plans approved 20th December 2019. 

 Clerk mentioned to District Councillor Saul Penfold that NNDC are not always     

 putting decision notices on line. 

5.  Finance 

Bank Statements. TSB Current Account = £2,899. 30 

Bottle Bank Credits received = £102.61 

Clerk’s Wages and Tax paid. 


6.  Highways 

 Potholes outside Skeyton Church.  These have been marked for repair 

 a while ago but nothing had been done.  This was also reported to 

 County Councillor J. Timewell. 

 Marker posts along Felmingham Road have been programmed for replacement 

 sometime this year.  County Councillor J. Timewell  said “It was all about the        


7.  Any Other Business. 

A report by County Councillor J. Timewell. 

Christmas recession over it was now time to set budgets which will happen in the next few weeks.  Wards changing.  County division changing re-aligned because of house building.  News within the next three months. 

Justin le-May now in charge of the Highways at Aylsham, C.C J. Timewell to have a word with him about marked pot holes that have not been repaired.  If a car is damaged in a marked pothole, Norfolk County Council are leaving themselves wide open for insurance claims. 


C.C. J. Timewell also very concerned about road safety on the NDR.  He is pushing for the NDR to have solar powered lighting like they have at Milton Keynes. 

Wensum Valley will happen. 


A report by District Councillor S.Penfold  

D.C. S.Penfold asked if there was anywhere in Skeyton where trees could be planted.  Woodland Trust want to plant a tree for every resident.   

North Walsham to have two million pounds to help improve the up-keep of the town.  It is planned to use this money to up-date the precinct and some of the 

Historic buildings.  An electric car charger to be placed in the car park near the Community Centre.  

Environmental forums(work-shops) to take place (see details on the NNDC web site).  These are about engaging with residents to discuss issues and hear the views on how we can reduce our carbon footprint as individuals and as a district. 


A further topic of conversation is how the laying of the cables re: the Windfarm will affect the residents of Skeyton, are any of the residents going to benefit. 

NNDC setting budgets which will be signed off in February 2020. 

Vice-Chairman J. Hughes has handed over the web site to the Chairperson of the Village Hall. 

The Parish Council all agreed how smart the new extension of the Village Hall looks.  It was agreed that an outside light would be beneficial to the Hall. 

The grass has taken a bit of damage with all the rain we have had, perhaps a permanent hard standing area for cars to park might be the way forward. 

The meeting closed at 8.20 p.m. 

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th May 2020. 7.30 p.m. 

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