Held at Skeyton Village Hall on Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 7.45.p.m.

Present:  Chairman Cllr: M. Hicks, Vice-Chairman J. Hughes, Cllr: S. Bunting,

Cllr: A. Morton.

1.  Apologies:

Apologies were received from Cllr: I. Stevenson and District Councillor

Saul Penfold.

2.  Election of Offices:

Cllr: M. Hicks was proposed by Cllr: J. Hughes for the role of Chairman and was seconded by Cllr: A. Morton.Cllr: J. Hughes was nominated for Vice-Chairman by Cllr: S. Bunting and seconded by Chairman M. Hicks.

3.  Minutes:

Minutes from the Meeting held on Tuesday 4th February 2020 were signed and accepted as a true and accurate record of proceedings.


4.  Matters Arising:

The Chairman contacted the Company who are going to laser cut the new sign and due to Covid19 this had been put on hold for a while.The sign has now been cut out and is waiting to be galvanised, then powder coated.Hopefully it will soon be in our possession.

The Old Sign has been refurbished and is now mounted on the wall under the porch of the new extension on the Village Hall and looks very good.

5.  Correspondence:


a) A letter has been received from Equinor regarding the Norfolk

Offshore Wind Farm.The route to lay the cables has been confirmed that Weybourne has been selected as the location where the export cables for both Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm Extension projects will make landfall.Therefore, this will now not effect Skeyton landowners.

b) Walking in Norfolk

An e-mail has been received re: walks in Norfolk

Go to


c)  “Your Norfolk”  Special edition highlighting in which

Norfolk County Council have worked together in response

To Covid19.  See “Your Norfolk”


d)  Priscilla Bacon Hospice has touched the lives of Norfolk and beyond.  A fundraising campaign was launched to the public in February 2019 and already well over 5 million has been raised. They are asking for donations to help fund a new 24 bed hospice.

e)  On the 24th February 2020 Cllr: I. Stevenson and the Parish Clerk attended a Policing Update Event.  They were introduced to PC Peter Davison and Skeyton’s Beat Officers. We were asked to report every crime even if thought to be insignificant and were urged to email on routine matters, rather than phone 101.

6.  Planning:

a)  PF/19/2002 “Thistledew”, Tuttington Road, Skeyton.  Has now been Approved.


b)  E-mail from Norfolk ALC Wellbeing regarding “The Magic of Heat Pumps”.  Natural Gas being the lowest cost of heating, but not always available in rural villages.  Meaning that Oil and Electric are the most common ways of heating in rural villages.  Note: new build houses will not be allowed to have oil or gas boilers installed after 2025.

7.  Finance


a)  Accounts.  Section 1 Annual Governance Statement and Section 2 Accounting Statements have been agreed and signed.  The Exemption Certificate will then be posted to JKP Littlejohn.

b)  Bank Statement.  As from 1st June 2020 there is £2,668.73 in the Current Account


   1)  URM Bottle Bank.  Bottle Bank has been emptied three times this year and a claim has been sent to NCC.

   2) The Clerk’s wages and tax has been paid.

   3)  VAT.  £27.87 has been recovered.

8.  Highways.


Nothing as yet has been done about the road from Beech Farm down to the Blackhorse.  The Council has asked time and time again for the reflector markers to be re-instated.  This needs to be done before the

winter sets in as the road will then become lethal.

The Parish Clerk was asked to telephone Kier to ask them to come and remove road signs that had been left near Skeyton Lodge, long road.

Lots of the pot holes not been filled in properly, just skimmed over the

top instead of filling in before re-surfacing.


9.  Any Other Business.


New regulations coming into force regarding Web Sites.  Skeyton’s has been checked and it does comply with the new regulations.

One of the Councillor's 150 old oak tree was felled by mistake and an on going enquiry as to where the wood has gone is being looked into.

It was noted that new 'Glamping' tents have been erected at the Goat Inn.

Previously the Council asked our District Councillor “Is planning permission required”?  Clerk to contact NNDC Planning Department to find out.

A complaint from a parishioner of Skeyton regarding a footpath was passed to the land owner who promptly put this right. 


A field had been planted and the landowner had marked out the route of the public footpath, a horse rider had ridden their horse along the footpath leaving deep hoof prints in the soil thus creating potentially dangerous trip hazards for walkers.  The footpath in question is not a bridleway.  It was also noted that several dog walkers had let their dogs off their leads and they were running over planted fields and also leaving their mess on the paths and the planted fields.


The meeting closed at 8.30.p.m.

The next meeting will be Tuesday 8th September 2020.7.30.p.m.

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