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New Parish Sign

As you are no doubt aware we have a new Village Sign! The old wooden sign was showing its age and rot was setting in. Despite several attempts to find ways to restore the original signit it was clear that these would not be a long term solution and it was decided and that a new sign was required.

The Parish Council led by Mike Hicks considered a number of designs and materials. The council settled on a design incorporating the key elements of Skeytons past and present, which mirrored the theme of the original sign. The sign itslef is made from laser cut, powder coated, high grade steel, that should stand the test of time.

The sign has been funded by a donation from the Skeyton Trosh and funds raised via precept and bottle bank receipts.

Restoring Village Sign

The old village sign is now on display at the Village Hall 

Here We Go
Has the new paint made it heavier?
All hands to the pump
It came down much easier
Back home at last
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