This page allows you to access key areas of of the North Norfolk District Council website together with other information sources that we feel will be of use to you. Please click here to contact the parish clerk if there are any other links that you feel would be useful.

Planning Permission Requests  http://www.northnorfolk.org/iwantto/3939.asp

Reporting Potholes https://online.norfolk.gov.uk/HighwayProblemReport/(S(tztz1a452mryia3521b1jy45))/Default.aspx 



Neech Loan https://www.neechloan.com/

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Voluntary Norfolk is a membership organisation supporting the work of voluntary and community organisations via a range of free and paid-for services, it helps with information and services for:-


1)  volunteers
2)  people in need of voluntary help
3)  voluntary and community groups
4)  public sector commissioners or procurement officers waiting to engage with the third sector.

Voluntary Norfolk in North Norfolk
Council Offices
Holt Road

or visit http://www.voluntarynorfolk.org.uk/